By Monday we had all recovered pretty well from the previous week of high intensity, and keen to get going again. This week was to be the start of our relatively long taper into the World Championships, with a mix of longer rides and speed work before ending the week by repeating the same lab and field tests. More riders were arriving and staying with us at the AIS, and all of us were getting excited about our races. There was certainly no shortage of cycling related conversation! We were really settling into the ‘athlete’ lifestyle and utilising all the… View Post

Being somewhat apprehensive about entering a two-week stint in the Altitude House at the AIS, I was quickly eased by the friendliness and attitude of the staff and fellow athletes. Though living quarters are tight and minimal we all settled in and were soon enjoying the comforts of our new home; including very comfy beds, new TVs and enough cereal to feed a family for a month (which only lasted barely a day! That was the all the boys fault of course…) We were subjected to our first test on Monday evening before dinner. This was the Haemoglobin Mass test… View Post