A few days, magazines, TV, social media access, sleep, family and boyfriend time and about a million calories later I am ready to sit down and put together my thoughts of the now infamous AIS Women’s Road Selection Camp that I ‘survived’. It was ten tumultuous days of cycling specific challenges set out for a select group of 16 females from around the country. To go through every challenge and detail of the camp you would be here all day, so I’ll leave it to fellow survivor Lisa Jacobs to fill you in there on her blog http://www.ridehappy.com.au/2011/11/ais-selection-camp-dont-keep-your-courage-in-a-box.html. Instead I’ll… View Post

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be asked to race the Dwellingup100 in WA, a couple of hours south of Perth. I have always wanted to spend some time over in the opposite side of the country so I jumped at the chance. The Perth Mountain Bike Club and Trievents were organising four elite riders to come over from the east to compete in the marathon event as well as promote cycling to six local schools. So I joined Jodie Willett, Jason English and Andy Blair for a fun weekend of mountain biking. I arrived late Thursday… View Post

The last 2 months have flown by since I returned home from Europe. As much as I fought against the back-at-home blues I still got sick with a minor cold and was a little too much on the mopey/don’t want to do anything side of things. But with the chance I could be in the Worlds team I had to get my shit together and get my body into a bit better shape with only about 6 weeks until flying away again. Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut this year, only my traveling buddy and current national champion Kath O’Shea… View Post