For Race details pulled from the race with one lap to go, there really was only the smallest feeling of disappointment and a lot more just plain relief. My poor body was shot by the end of 4 laps and a start loop on the challenging Dalby Forest World Cup course and I was struggling to prepare myself to push through another and make it through the scary drops and up the power climbs all over again. My race didn’t start well after getting caught behind two crashes within the first few hundred metres and pushing hard to make… View Post

I should have bought a lottery ticket after I got through Qantas check in at Canberra airport with nearly 40kg’s of luggage and no excess charge. My Qantas club membership had just paid for itself! The rest of the trip was a breeze also with my bags checked all the way through to Newcastle without having to get them even in London. I even made a friend on the way who is a fellow cyclist! I was met at the other end by Chris Clarke who was a major help in the last leg of my journey to the town… View Post

Every year my resolution is to be on top of everything, not leave things for later and not be lazy. But alas, this is my first blog update for a fair while! It took me some time to come out of slow motion after my shoulder injury in September when I had a big crash in the Tour de Timor. I was way behind in my uni courses and could only finish one out of two because of my absence from classes and I was also unemployed due to closure of the studio I had worked in for three years.… View Post