Slightly disheartened at the recent weekend’s racing results, I was undecided on my last prospective races – to mountain bike race or to road race? There was one of each on the same Saturday and I thought I could probably get a good result at a Belgacom Grand Prix MTB race after a good block of racing but earlier in the week I had to take back my rental car so I didn’t have many transport options. Plus I was getting away with not having someone to feed me in the road races but I knew it wasn’t such a… View Post

The perfect week of weather that greeted me in Belgium inevitably turned gray but I managed to sneak in another whole week of training in between the showers without once getting wet! I took two days easy after my first races but also to freshen up enough to do a couple of hard sessions with the guys. A longish day followed by a hillyish day had my legs a little toasted but thanks to Holly over at the ChainStay for giving my poor body a good massage I felt eager to get my teeth into some more racing. I had… View Post

A relaxed recovery morning turned into a relaxed recovery day when our rental car from Germany to Belgium turned out not to be booked when we got to the Avis desk. Luckily I had my booking sheet and they worked it out and finally by 5:30pm Monday and two cars later we were off on our five hour road trip to Oudenaarde where I will be staying for the remainder of my trip. The plan was to drop Kath off in Brussels on the way but the day had gone too long so she came and crashed with me for… View Post