The last day of a tour is always interesting. Sometimes GC can still change (not this time) and riders who haven’t had a good race have one last chance of glory. Minds are tired though and the nervous racing can get dangerous. One slip of concentration can end in scraping carbon and skin. Today was on of those days of a washing machine bunch, constant attacks and surges. Everyone spending their last tickets. Our team had many good cracks at the tiring bunch, but the high speed and unfavourable wind conditions made sure we only saw the front for short… View Post

Racing in the desert is tough. It’s amazing that such flat roads can cause so much pain. When you get to the halfway point of the tour, legs are tired but moral is polarised. Riders who survived the first days and made front group are supercharged with confidence. Those riders left behind are full of self doubt and stress. Can you bear to push yourself and risk failure or a crash once again? Today I decided that I belonged in the front group even though I hadn’t seen it to the end yet. I wish I had my gopro in… View Post

Wind is the gift that keeps on giving. If you make the front group in a windy race, chances are you will keep or grow your gap and finish the race spent of your energy. If you are not in the front group, chances are you will never see them again and you’re in for long boring day in the saddle. Today I was in the latter group, and had to ride tormented for 100km because I missed that one important moment at the start. I was more pushy, more punchy, but still couldn’t make it to the pointy end… View Post