I’m finally at that point in my cycling career where I’m looking at the “one percenters”, factors that until now would not have had a significant impact on my abilities. I’ve worked hard for more than a decade and I can say that I’m one of the best. The small things start to stack up now. Sure you can do altitude training, tweak your diet, take supplements and look into new training methodologies to give you that extra edge, but what about working on your mind? If your thoughts and emotions can have an impact on your performances then it… View Post

It’s been a long time between blogs and I’ve definitely been putting off writing something for a while now. I’ve been putting all my energy for the last season and a half into being the best athlete, and person, I can be and this meant pushing away activities that were not as high a priority for me. It has all been paying off this year though with my best Spring season yet! I’ve tried to keep it brief but a lot has happened… I finished last year on a high. I was selected to represent Australia at the World Championships… View Post