Rio… Where do I even start?! I’ve just arrived back to Europe from the most incredible three weeks of my life, so I guess I will start from the beginning. A year ago I had a meeting with my team coaches to talk about my goals of 2016. Gaining selection for the olympics was highest on my list and thankfully they humoured me even though they said it was a very outside chance. Even 6 months later I wasn’t being strongly considered for the team but I kept my head down and my mouth shut and let my legs… View Post

There are so many things I want to say and people to thank now that it has been announced that I have been selected to represent Australia at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but first I want to tell you a story. It’s not my story – you’ve probably heard 100 like mine where a kid who is last in every race goes on to become an Olympian – this story is about who got me here. I want to dedicate my biggest achievement (so far) to my Dad. Dad poured his energy and heart into cross-country skiing and was… View Post

I’m finally at that point in my cycling career where I’m looking at the “one percenters”, factors that until now would not have had a significant impact on my abilities. I’ve worked hard for more than a decade and I can say that I’m one of the best. The small things start to stack up now. Sure you can do altitude training, tweak your diet, take supplements and look into new training methodologies to give you that extra edge, but what about working on your mind? If your thoughts and emotions can have an impact on your performances then it… View Post