The first stage of a tour is always a little nerve wracking. Everyone is excited to begin a new race but also unsure of how their fitness is compared to the other riders, what might happen in the race and if they might find some good or bad luck. This makes for a very tense start to the race making it fast and dangerous. Today was one of those days! The wind conditions hinted at a chance of echelons and gutter action. The lack of corners meant the race went like this: 35km tailwind, 20km cross-headwind, 20km cross wind, 20km… View Post

The rain had been threatening for a few days and after Stage 5 it really began. We had been lucky to stay (relatively) dry in the whole tour but felt our luck was going to run out for the last day of the Dutch tour. We woke up to drizzle and ate our breakfasts watching it fall more and more outside and mentally prepared ourselves for a gruelling day. There were 18 climbs to tackle in the Limburg region where the World Champs was hosted last year and where the Holland Hills Classic is run earlier in the year. We… View Post

It was a grey day at the start of Stage 5 in the Holland Ladies Tour. The forecast was possible showers but no wind, and the course description in the race program included many “Warning: narrow road” notes… We were in for another messy and stressful day. Aussie Chloe Hosking took a well deserved win against the seemingly unbeatable Kirsten Wild in a mass bunch sprint after a very fast and aggressive stage. As soon as the neutral section was finished the speed increased and stayed high all day. Many teams including Futurimshop, Boels-Dolmans, Hitec, Tibco, Sengers and Rabobank all… View Post